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Green Building

Green Building Professionals

At Nicholas Christ Construction, Inc. we are proud of the fact that all members of our crew have become NARI Certified Green Building Professionals. Being a green building professional means approaching a remodel project through a holistic systems framework--an approach that views each house in relation not only to its inhabitants, but to the surrounding local and global communities.

Our crew is committed to these three cornerstones to build healthier homes and "Greener" communities:

  • Thoughtful, energy-saving design
  • Use of products that promote better indoor air-quality
  • Use of building technologies and materials that are sustainable

We value sustainable building as a way of preserving our World for generations to come. We are happy to work with our clients in developing Green aspects to their projects, if they so desire. You can check out the Client Testimonials in our References section to get a better idea of how homeowners are incorporating Green Building into their remodeling jobs.

If Green Building is new to you, read the following overview and check out the links below to get more information about it. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about "green" products you can use or sustainable building techniques that can be employed on your specific project.

Thinking and Building Green

Every choice we make, no matter how miniscule, changes our World. As agents of change we have the power and responsibility to make informed, wise decisions. Your choice of everything from household cleaning supplies to the insulation in your walls can significantly affect the health of your family, and that of your community and the greater environment.

Here at NCCI we believe there are many benefits of Green Building for builder, homeowner, and community alike. At virtually every stage of any remodel project there is an opportunity to make your space healthier and more liveable. By choosing to use HV Fly Ash in our foundations or FSC certified lumber for our framing, we are able to play an active role in promoting a more sustainable future for our children and their children.

As Build It Green, a non-profit organization affiliated with the City of Berkeley, explains:

Green Buildings are sited, designed, constructed and operated to enhance the well-being of occupants, and to minimize negative impacts on the community and natural environment.

More specifically, Green Buildings incorporate energy and water efficient technologies, use recycled content materials in their construction, reduce construction and demolition waste, are landscaped for water and energy efficiency, include renewable energy technologies, improve indoor air quality, provide a healthier and more comfortable environment, improve long-term economic performance, and are built to last.

If you are curious, please visit Build It Green at for more detail about the numerous benefits of Green Building to the homeowner.


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